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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Smartmove Housing help me pay a deposit? Added to answer 3 yes we will give your landlord a bond until you save to pay your deposit, however we will require you to pay something towards your deposit upfront. ^ Back to top
  2. Can Smartmove help me with a deposit for a property that is not on their scheme? No we can only give a bond to a landlord that is registered with the service. If you find a property you like you can ask the landlord to contact the service to register. ^ Back to top
  3. When is my rent charged and how can I pay it? Rent is charged to your account every Monday. Payments are accepted at the office and by Standing Order through your bank or building society account. Contact the office for details of how to avail of this service or download a form here, complete it and post to your bank. ^ Back to top
  4. Will my landlord increase my rent? SmartMove Housing and Landlords strive to keep rents affordable, however if an increase is unavoidable, the landlord can only request this on the anniversary of your tenancy. Should a rent increase occur, all tenants will receive one month's notice. ^ Back to top
  5. Will I qualify for any help with paying my rent? You may qualify for housing benefit if you are unemployed or on a low income. It is your responsibility to apply for housing benefit, however we will assist you to apply for this when you first sign your tenancy agreement. You can also apply for assistance with paying the rates, this can be applied for on the same form. ^ Back to top
  6. What if my circumstances change? You must advise both SmartMove Housing and the Housing Executive immediately of any changes in your circumstances, so that your claim may be re-assessed. It is important to notify us, as a change can effect the amount you are entitled to, which may result in either an underpayment or overpayment of housing benefit. ^ Back to top
  7. Who do I contact if I am unable to pay my rent? Our Landlords rely on our income from rents and we operate a strict Rent Management Policy to make sure any problems are identified quickly, however should you encounter any problems paying your rent, you should contact your local office immediately;

    • All our Staff are committed to offering advice and assistance in difficult circumstances;
    • All matters will be dealt with in strictest confidence.
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  8. How do I keep track of my rent payments? We will issue you with a receipt each time you pay. Keep any receipts you are given and check your bank statements. We will also send you a statement twice a year that shows if you are in arrears. You can also contact the office to check your payments at any time. ^ Back to top
  9. Who do I contact if a repair is needed at my property? You should contact your local SmartMove office to report a repair that is required and we shall contact your landlord. There is a timescale for carrying out specific repairs, which your landlord will abide by. All repair times scales are in your "Tenants Handbook". ^ Back to top
  10. Housing Applications You must be over 18 years of age. Should you wish to apply for housing with SmartMove Housing, please download, print and complete the Housing Application form and two Housing Reference Forms. We require two references per applicant. If you have previously rented accommodation, you should request a reference from your old landlord. If you have not had your own accommodation before then you need to get character references from employers or persons of good standing in the community who know you well for example, your Doctor, Councillor or Social Worker. We also require a copy of photographic ID and proof of your income.

    Your application form and copies of the required documents can be returned by post or handed in at the main reception desk at your local office which is open 9.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am - 4.30pm on Friday.

    If you need help to complete this form or require further information, please contact the relevant office by telephone, or in person at the office. You can ask someone else to complete the form for you but you will still need to sign it.

    Failure to provide all required documentation will slow down the processing time of your application.

    You will be required to attend an interview at the office.

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