About Smartmove Housing

Expanding choice, reducing need, Empowering clients & transforming lives

What We Do

Welcome to Smartmove Housing, a flagship initiative of First Housing Aid and Support Services, dedicated to addressing housing needs and combating homelessness across Northern Ireland.

Since our establishment in 2001, our simple yet powerful mission has remained the same:

To provide innovative housing solutions that empower individuals and families facing housing insecurity, homelessness, and financial barriers within the Private Rented Sector.

Our Methodology

Smartmove Housing operates on a practical, client-centric model:

Personalised Property Selection

Personalised Property Selection:
We guide tenants in choosing properties that align with their needs and budgets, ensuring suitability for their households.

Tenancy Setup Support

Tenancy Setup Support:
We assist tenants in establishing financial support towards deposits and Rental requirements and navigating Housing Benefit or Universal Credit claims, while also imparting a comprehensive understanding of their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

Ongoing Tenant Floating Support Services

Ongoing Tenant Floating Support Services:
We continue to provide ongoing tenant floating support services, ensuring that individuals and families thrive within their tenancies. This support covers areas such as budgeting, bill management, and dispute resolution, enhancing their long-term sustainability.

Holistic Referrals

Holistic Referrals:
Recognising that comprehensive support may require diverse resources, we provide referrals to other services when additional assistance is needed.

Our Vision

Our driving force stems from over two decades of dedicated service, resulting in:

Quality Housing Solutions:
Our track record of delivering good quality and affordable properties has fostered sustainable tenancies, offering enduring housing solutions to individuals and families across Northern Ireland.

Championing the Private Rented Sector:
We actively advocate for the Private Rented Sector as a viable and robust housing alternative. Through specialized housing advice, we ensure our clients are well-informed and protected by legislative measures.

Building Strong Alliances:
Our commitment to forging effective partnerships with landlords, statutory bodies, and voluntary organizations bolsters the support network available to those seeking housing solutions.

Elevating Industry Standards:
By exemplifying and promoting best practices, we contribute to enhancing the investment potential and reputation of the Private Rented Sector.