About First Housing Aid & Support Services

First Housing Aid & Support Services (FHASS) is a charitable organisation offering advice, support and accommodation to people that are homeless and in acute housing need across Northern Ireland.

Exploring First Housing Aid and Support Services

Established in 1989, First Housing Aid and Support Services is a non-profit organization operating within the voluntary sector. We are dedicated to offering professional housing advice and effective solutions for individuals facing housing challenges throughout Northern Ireland.

Our Core Value:

Housing as a Fundamental Right

At First Housing, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a secure, affordable, and safe home. Our mission revolves around responding to the housing needs of those experiencing homelessness.

Our initiatives focus on preventing homelessness, providing quality accommodation, and delivering essential support.

Our Methodology

Smartmove Housing operates on a practical, client-centric model:

Hands Holding House

Empowering Independence Through Housing Solutions

Our primary goal is to empower individuals and families to lead independent lives. We work proactively to prevent homelessness and provide accommodation that encourages personal growth and self-sufficiency within the community.

Homeless Man On Bridge

Accessible Housing for All

Our dedication to ensuring accessibility and quality housing is unwavering.

By playing a vital role in providing essential support and accommodation, First Housing significantly contributes to addressing severe housing challenges across Northern Ireland.

Comprehensive Support Across the Region

Our services include:

  • Temporary supported accommodation and specialized housing projects designed for single individuals and families facing homelessness.
  • Supported community housing for individuals grappling with mental health concerns.
  • Specialized housing initiatives for young people transitioning from care, young parents, and individuals struggling with alcohol abuse while sleeping rough.
  • Self-contained accommodation coupled with support for clients awaiting permanent public sector housing.
  • Resettlement and Floating Support services designed for young people, older people, families, and individuals with mental health needs living independently in the community.
  • Private sector housing solutions, including the 'SmartMove Housing' addressing immediate and permanent housing requirements.
  • Mediation and tenancy support services, offering assistance to tenants within the private rented sector.
  • Night Support Services and outreach support for individuals sleeping rough and those dealing with chronic alcohol-related issues, providing essential help and support.

A Vision of a Better Housing Future

First Housing Aid and Support Services stands as a leading force in addressing housing needs and homelessness in Northern Ireland. Our commitment to accessibility, quality, and community empowerment drives us to create a brighter housing future for all.

To learn more about our diverse range of services and initiatives, we invite you to explore our offerings and reach out to us. Together, we can transform housing security into a reality for everyone.