About First Housing Aid & Support Services

First Housing Aid & Support Services (FHASS) is a charitable organisation offering advice, support and accommodation to people that are homeless and in acute housing need across Northern Ireland.

Who are FHASS?

FHASS were established in 1989 in response to rising levels of homelessness and housing disadvantage amongst young single people in Derry.

Since then we have developed a wide range of innovative projects and services to assist people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Strategically, we are committed to:

Developing and delivering services that offer a meaningful response to the needs of people who are homeless while ensuring a decent home is within the reach of every family and single person with whom we work in Northern Ireland.

What do they do?

FHASS play a pivotal and effective role in both preventing homelessness and working with individuals and families who are homeless through the provision of high quality accommodation and support services to different people across Northern Ireland.

FHASS are committed to delivering high quality, client-centred services that recognise and respect the housing needs and entitlements of different client groups.