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Are you seeking a stress-free approach to property management that guarantees peace of mind?

Smartmove Housing offers an unparalleled experience that sets us apart from conventional letting agencies. Our commitment revolves around raising standards within the private rented sector, prioritizing both tenants and landlords.

At Smartmove Housing, our philosophy is centered on redefining property management with innovation and a commitment to excellence.

We're not just about managing properties; we're dedicated to creating a harmonious, long-term partnership between landlords and tenants.

Here's what distinguishes us:

Comprehensive Property Management:
Beyond routine tasks, we offer a holistic approach that nurtures lasting tenancies. Our dedication extends beyond property maintenance; it encompasses fostering strong tenant-landlord relationships.

Quality Tenant Matching:
Our personalized tenant selection process aligns tenants with your property's unique requirements. This ensures a harmonious tenant-landlord relationship and reduces turnover.

Legislative Expertise:
With specialized housing advice, we keep you informed about legislative changes and ensure your property adheres to regulations. Our proactive approach minimizes risks and enhances peace of mind.

Building Strong Alliances:
Our network of partnerships extends beyond landlords to statutory bodies and voluntary organizations. This collaborative approach strengthens the support available to both you and your tenants.

Why Choose Smartmove Housing for Your Property Management Needs?

Choosing Smartmove Housing means experiencing property management at its best. Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Comprehensive Tenant Finding:
    We excel in locating the right tenants for your property, minimizing vacancies and promoting tenant-landlord harmony.
  • Thorough Client Affordability Checks:
    Our in-depth financial checks provide insights into potential tenants' capabilities, facilitating informed decisions.
  • Efficient Reference Procurement:
    We handle reference checks meticulously, mitigating risks and ensuring reliable tenant selections.
  • Detailed Inventory Reports:
    Our comprehensive opening and closing inventory reports capture your property's condition accurately.
  • Transparent Financial Statements:
    Our 4-weekly or monthly statements offer complete financial visibility for your property.
  • Optimized Property Advertising:
    We showcase your property on all major property platforms, maximizing exposure and attracting potential tenants.
  • Solid Tenancy Agreements:
    Our expertly crafted agreements protect your interests and provide clarity for tenants.
  • Property Maintenance Guidance:
    Expert advice on property preparation and upkeep ensures optimal letting success.
  • Routine Inspections:
    Our routine property inspections maintain standards and ensure investment confidence.
  • Deposit Protection Assured:
    Your investment is secure with us. We manage deposit protection and handle returns and disputes with professionalism.
  • Lower Fees for Greater Returns:
    As a not-for-profit organization, our fees are lower compared to standard agents, allowing you to maximize your returns.

Elevate your property management experience with Smartmove Housing.

Connect with us today and unlock the advantages of streamlined property management that prioritizes your needs and boosts your investment returns.

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